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Kottai Mariamman koil , Dindukkal

Kottai Mariamman koil  , Dindukkal

Sundararajan Ambi   Iyer

Old year : 500 years old
Historical Name : Dindeeswaram
City : Dindigul
District : Dindigul
State : Tamil Nadu

Soon after the new moon day in the month of Masi, (February-March), on the fifth day, the festival flag would be hoisted for a 20 day celebration in the temple. The festival continues for 30 days also in some years.

Temple's Speciality: -
The bottom of the idol is deeply installed in this temple than in other places.
Opening Time:-
The temple is open from 6.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.
Address: -
Sri Kottai Mari Amman Temple, Dindigul – 624 001.
Phone: -
+91 451 2427267, 94444 02440

General Information:-
A post called Kamba Thadi made with copper is at the entrance of the shrine. Close to this are shrines for Lord Vinayaka on the south, Madurai Veeran and Navagrahas on the north, Muneeswara shrine on the rear south Karuppanasami, Kaliamman and Durga in the north
 Devotees pray for child boon. It is also believed that praying to Kottai Mariamman effectively relieves the devotees from sickness, small-pox, prolonged illness and disabilities. 

 Thanks giving:-
Devotees offer turmeric and salt at the foot of the post. Women perform a sacred abishek on the flag hoisting day hoping that the Goddess would be cooled down of Her anger and bless the people. Those seeking child boon carry fire pots. People blessed with the child carry the child in a cradle made of sugarcane and light flour lamps – Mavilakku. The crowd will be as high as 20 lakh during the festival days.

Greatness Of Temple:-
It is noteworthy that Dindigul district has all the Vasthu aspects to its advantage. It is also historically famous. The fort built three hundred years ago is still afresh and majestic. It is said that that there was an underground passage to Palni which Tippu Sultan used many a time, according to history. The temple is behind this serene environment behind the fort., hence the Goddess is named Kottai Mariamman.
Mariamman graces in a sitting form with 8 hands. She holds snake, trident, skull and bell in the right hand, bow, a bowl and weapons on the left.
Temple History:-
 During the 18th century, there was only a small peeta and the idol of the deity. The army men of Tippu Sultan built a small mutt and installed the idol, which today is the Kottai Mariamman and guardian deity of the people of Dindigul. There are three special entrances to the temple. The processions are arranged through the front entrance. Other entrances are close to the Fort. The temple celebrates a 20 day festival each year. KOTTAI MARI AMMAN THAYE CHARANAM!

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Singapatti Ayyanar temple, NaLLur

Singapatti Ayyanar   temple, NaLLur

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About 500 years back , a person from Villiputhur,due to famine had to go  to some other place for living.. In his nativevilage he had worshipped Ayyanar, Pechi and Karuppasami. He went to that temple , took one fist of soil  from there  , put it in a palm leaf box and took it along with him,.When he was nearing NaLLi village , he saw that  the lake there was about to  break up. He could see  fertile crops in the field. He kept the box of soil in a near by place and tried his best to repair the lake bank so that its water   would not come out. When he was not able to do it, he  left all his things there, went to naLLI village and brought them to repair the bund.When he came back the bund was  already repaired  and in a good conditions. From that persons basket Ayyanar  came out and told ll of them, “It was me who repaired the nund and saved your crop,.If you bukid a temple for me and the gods with me here  and do daily worship, we would protect you   for ever. People went and told SEvalpatti Jamindar   who was looking after   the  village about this. Jamindar immediately built a temple and made every body worship those gods. Sine the lake was called  Singamadai lake  this ayyanar was named as Singamadai ayyanar.
    In the  sanctum sanctorum Ayyanar  is there  along with his consorts , Poorna and Pushkala.Pechiyamman  has a temple there  .Turmeric paste  is always applied to her face. So she is called Manjanai Pechi Amman. There are also statues ofMadan, Madathi, Pathala Kanni, Raakaachi Amman and Pathinettam Padi Karuppachami.
Three days after Shivarathri , after taking permission from Ayyanar, Karupachami goes for hunting. This is the biggest festival in the   temple.Most of the importand Hindu festivals are also celebrated in this temple.The temple is open from 7 Am to 5 PM. At 12 noon there  is a special pooja to Ayyanar. Devotees  believe that if some one comes to this temple, takes bath and goes round the God three times on a Friday, all his mental worries would   get solved.Devotees also believe  if they take Turmeric from Pechiyamman temple and keep it in their home. Auspiciousness  will always be there  in the house.The temple tree is Bilwa tree
 From Kovilpatti travel towards Chathur in the    state   high way for 11 km. The  temple is nearby to this point.

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Vazhumuneeswarar-Kathayi temple at Karunkanni

Vazhumuneeswarar-Kathayi temple    at Karunkanni

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  Once it seems the sage brungi wanted only to go round Shiva and not Parvathi. After this the Goddess  requested Lord Shiva to give hw his body to her. When Lord Shiva told that this can only be done with great penance, GoddesParvathi  came to warth along with 64 Yogins and started going on a pilgrimage  to different Shiva temples. On her way she came to Ujjain which was at that time ruled  by seven brothers called Akasa veera Agni veera etc. They were bad people and ordered the Goddess  to be their wife.She childed them and shouted at them.Since they did not go away she praued to Lord Vishnu  , Lord Brahma r etc who appeared  there in person. Hgod Vishnu took a Viswa roopa  and destroyed  Agni veera.Since he touched the sky he was  called Van-muni. The other sages  also took mega forms like that of Lord  Vshnu and killed all the seven kings. The mega form of Agasthya was called as “Chemmuni(red sage). The other sages like Narada, Parachara  took mega forms which were calledMuthu muni, Karu muni , Veda muni  etc and started protecting the Goddess.Then Veera muthu the son of Agni veera    came for a battle.When Vaazhmuni (Lord Vishnu)  was about to kill him, his wife requested  Lord Vishnu to spare hi,So Lord Vishnu appointed  Veera Muthu to be security to the Amman temple.,He also created  goddesses  Vengadamalai Nachiyaer, Ponkurathi nachiyar , Anai kurathi, mudiyaal Azhaki and Vana Kurathi and instructed them to look after the Goddess.He also created a lady form merging himself with Ganges, who was keeping  Lord Subrahmanya  on her lap. He named  her as Kathayi..They went on visiting several Shiva temples and arrived at Naga Pattinam, which was called as  Capital of Shiva places..Then Goddess Parvathi requested g her assistants   to search for aplace which was suitable for meditation and was alone  for some time At thay time a local devotee approached  her and took him to hgis home.Goddess liked that home, At that time, her assistants found a place   on the banks of Vellaru river, where  a Mahalinga tree  and Macizha tree   were growing together. The Goddess started her penance there. Vaazhmuni  , Chemmuni  , Karumuni, Muthumuni, Veda muni and poomuni stayed outside   as security guards to her. After some time when she started   to Kanchipura for doing further meditation, the villagers approached her and requested   her to live there itself., She promised them she would after becoming a part of Lord Shiva. And asper her word she came there.Lord Shiva took the name of M
     Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays are   important days in the  temple,Pachayamman is offered POngal, Kathayi is offered Maa vilakku, Varamuneeswara  Milk pongal and Periyachi Amman is offered non vegetarian dishes. Pachayamman consideres Nagapattinam as her  mothers place and goes there along with Kathayi Anmman for 15 days  in a year in the month of Aadi.During this time  no worship   is offered in the main temple. On Aani third she returns back. This temple is situated in the Nagapattinam –Thiruthuraipoondi road  on the banks of a river called Uppathankarai, The temple is open from 9 am-12 noon  and between 5 Pm to 6 Pm.

Vandambalai Mahasakthi Mariyamman temple

Vandambalai  Mahasakthi Mariyamman temple

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      This temple is situated in the banks of river Cauvery   6 km away from Thiruvarur in the Thiruvarur-Mayiladuthurai   road. It is a very huge temple  facing the east. You first see  the forms of Ashta Lakshmis as  soon you enter the temoke.On the left site Karuppayi Amman who holds Subrahmanya on his lap  has a small temple.Ladies without children  come here to worship the Goddess  They take the rice an turmeric powder   home. They add the rice to the rice copoked daily and apply the turmeric on themselves after bath..It seems within 48 days , they will be in a family way. They all come back and offer pOngal to this Goddess.Next you would come across Pechayi Amman.U It is believed she removes  all attacks  of black magic on all villagers. Then there is a temple of Kalludayaan  who is the family god of many people of this area..Then towards right you would  see Karupanna sami riding on An elephant..Ift is a custom to salute him and then only enter the main temple.Then you enter the temple of Maha sakthi mariyamman.She is supposed to cure all pox diseases. Amman has a yen day  festival in the  Chithirai month.Daily the Amman comes out amd visits the villagers When you come  out of the temple on your lrft you would see Kathavarayan, Aryamb, Bommi and Thottikati  Chinnan  . The temple is open from 9 Am to 8 Pm.

Thoppampatti Soolathamman

Thoppampatti Soolathamman

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THoppampatti   is on the road between  Coimbatore and Mettupalayam..You can take autos or buses  to reach this village  from Coimbatore Junction. There is an interesting story about  how the temple of Goddess here.
   It seems one cultivator purchased a small piece of land  from his friend, after  taking loan..In that land, in a corner there  was a neem tree.Below that tree , there was a  statue of A goddess, which was mostly buried in side.The purchaser was requested by the seller to  worship that Goddess..He  also did it without fail. Then he started  planting coconut trees and inter crops in the land that  he purchased.. Slowly that area became a part of the town, and houses  camp up all aroung that piece of land.People living there started  worshipping that Goddess.But since the Goddess was in a deep pit  , they found it difficult to worship her,. Then the cultivator  constructed a compound wall around his property. Then The goddess was just outside  the wall in a pit   and only about 9” of her  visible.tHen the worship to the Goddess  was stopped and evil things  started appearing  in all surrounding areas..A priest  cum astrologer was consulted and he told  that the stopping of worship of the Goddess  was the  reason for all their troubles. When they approached the cultivator , he agred them to remove the Goddess from there  and consecrate in another place. When they dug out the Goddess they found, she was more than five feet tall and was holding a trident and on the top of the statue, Sun and moon were  sculpted. Experts who examined the statue told that it was at least 600  years old. People  started calling Soolathamman  and shifted  her to a temporary  shed. They all felt   they were becoming  very fortunate..They built a permanent stone temple for her. They also  consecrated Mariamman,  Vishnu sakthi and Shiva Shakthi in side the temple.Neem tree was  adopted as the temple tree. First day of Chithirai month   and on all Fridays of Adi months are celebrated in the temple, The  temple is kept open from  7 am to 10.30 am  and 6 pm  to 8 pm. On Tuesdays   Fridays , in the evening  temple is open from 7 PM to 8 Pm.

Akasa Mariyamman of Thirunarayur

Akasa Mariyamman of Thirunarayur

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   Once upon a time the people  of Thirunarayur were bangle sellers. They used to carry glass bangles on their head go  from home to home I villages and villages   and sell  their bangles.Once these people went   to Samayapuram..That time Panguni festival   was being celebrated  in Samayapuram. Then old bangle seller saw a dream.One young  and very pretty came in his dream and asked him for bangles. At that time the old man had very less bangles . He  put  each bangle he had in the ladies hands and all of them broke. Then the old man told the lady “all the bangles I had have broken and so if you come to my village  , I would make you wear pretty pretty bangles. Then she said, “Would you give me bangles only if I come to your  village? No, there  is no need for that,I would make your  village people  wear bangles.”
And she disappeared. The old man woke up suddenly and he saw that all the bangles had broken and were  lying by his side and he saw that all other villagers  had pox all over  the bodies, At that time  the priest of Samayapuram temple came there and told them, “The goddess   wanted to  compensate   you   for the broken bangles.” And he gave them the cash for it.” Then the old man realized that the young lady  who came in his dream  was Samayapuram  Mariyamman herself.,Then he applied the ashes got   from Samayapuram temple on their bodies and all the pox marks disappeared.,Then the goddess appeared to them on the sky. They called her akasa Mari and saluted her and requested  her to visit their village.. She asked them , “Which is your village?” and they replied “They said it is narayur   famous for its Jasmine flowers.”  And she said, “ I would come every year to your village for the sake  of jasmine flowers and your bangles.”
  It is believed SAmayapuram Mariyamman comes there through the sky every year  (may-june)  and stays  there  for twelve days during the spring.  She has a temple there  in the north east side of the path   where chariot runs. Lakhs of pilgrims come there on all those days a, pray to her and make her  offerings. There is no statue or idol for this goddess. During the festival days using a potm, silk cloth, Durbha grass   and decorations the   form of a very pretty Mariamman is made. She is made to wear all sort of gold and jewel ornaments. She daily  travels on a palanquin made of flowers on the shoulders  of her devotees. All the Nadaswara artists assemble there   and a special Raga called “Mangala Mallari “ is chanted. It is a custom in the village, during these 14 days, no other individual family   celebration would   take place.Devotees bring Kavadis to the templke.Non stop  feast is given in the temple during the festival days.On the thirteenth day , Amman would depart to Samayapuram. On other days a lighted lamp  is kept in the Akasa Mari temple   and is worshipped. The temple is kept open from 6 Am to 10 Am   and 5 pm to 8 PM .People pray here for marriage and child birth.. The temple is 10 km from Kumbhakonam  on the Kumbhakonam- Nagapattinam road near to the Nachiar kovil town.

Kodungayoor Nagathamman

Kodungayoor  Nagathamman

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  Once  KOdungayoor was  a prosperous  farming village.Near a big pond there   several snakes were living.Near that place there was a banyan tree. The villages consecrated  three Nagars  under a thatched roof below that  banyan tree and they were worshipped as  the Gods of the village. The village slowly became a part of a city  ,Then about 50 years back the villagers  erected a permanent structure   and along with the three Nagars   , they also consecrated an Amman. She was called  as Nagathamman..The temple was called “Sri Devi Nagathamman temple” . There is a  very big pond before the temple.There is a separate temple for Lord Subrahmanya   along with Valli and Devayanai    in the temple complex
    In the sanctum sanctorum the Goddess  appears befre an umbrella of serpent  holding   in her right hand a sword and a hand drum  and Soola  , pot of Kumkum  in her left hand . On the platform  where Amman is consecrated there ois a head of Amman also.
   Those who  light a ghee lamp and worship her are blessed  with children, long life  , health  ,removal of problems due to loan,  removal of problem of stoppage of education etc.People pray her for removal of Naga  dosha in their horoscope .  ON the right side of the sanctum below  the Banyan tree  the nagas who were consecrated originally are    also there. The specialty of Nags is that   each of them are seen holding a Shiva linga. There are also temples of Ganesa and Gajalakshmi behind it.
   Rahu kala pooja are performed on all  Fridays and Tuesdays,Special poojas   are done on full moon days and sankada  hara chathurthi days, Vaikasi visakham, Naga chathruthi and Adi pooram are   also celebrated.There is a special worship of lamps on the first Friday of tHai month.On Chithra  pournami day there is a festival of pots of milk.
   From Kannadasan Nagar bus stop , Madras-118, the temple is 2 km away.It is  in the 7th street of Ever ready colony. ON normal days temple is open between 7.30 am to  10.30 am   and 5.30 pm to 8 pm.On special days  and Fridays it is open from 7.30 aM to 12 noon and 3 Pm to 8 Pm.